Monday, November 4, 2013


It was on a Deepawali i filled a day's brightness
in one earthen lamp and from giant towers
of an ancient temple I brought in hand
a song for horizons and boundless oceans.
Autumn in orange shields draped my dreams
and green forests in aromatic herbs
soothed my heartbeats
Hidden stars whispered a canto and i walked
alongside the sanctuary of my own dreams.
Like a poem earth revolved around my heartbeats..


It wasn’t that easy a road
I walked and ahead of me
a standstill portrait of strangeness
spread its paper thin holograms
In a way it is good a feeling to walk
towards solitude in a dawn of east…
There no stillness around me
 but a stream of light
In images, there a plain frozen belief paints
Its own insecure canvases
I worry not of what next at this moment
May be i am outgrown in my own seashore
in a way only I can understand....

Monday, October 28, 2013


It is on a dawn that I walked to reach
Upto the playfields of shadows
Where sorrows frozen on fences and heartbeats
broken on iron acerbic  trellis
Moments challenged each and every spoken word
on bell towers where seasons transformed.
Hurtlockers compete in open plateaus to overcome a plain grief..
It is again on a dawn that I walked back to the seashore where on the sand fileds i sat gazing at the stream of infinite light..

Antiquated ancient sorrows confront in front
Unhealed, an era moves forward..


In shadows and beneath the branches
of a giant Banyan, there reflect a million stars
and a dream of the lighted sky
From the endless trail circles
to the infinite horizon to the hand woven
alphabets, seasons change in front..

In rain socked shores, sorrows re write
a poem on origin..
In eastern roads, a day opens
towards the handpicked mementos
of a childhood which lost its memories
on transit points..…


It is day that moves along a tunnel
of enveloped dreams and a season
of stillness
Heavens fill nectar in golden fields
of earthen borders
in each footstep, a moment surpasses
a fragment of life where in turning points
 dawn breaks into autumn’s rain
On dividers, equator draws a line analogous
and in unknown rudiments a sentenced
stream, shadows and a poem of seashells..


In souvenirs of life, in broken frames
a day writes across to reach up to the noisy
pathways to the silenced melodies
of  eastern seashores

Overshadowed heartbeats in pyre
burns  a  memory
Fenced borders  in colonial landscapes
Landlock a  moment and a dawn of fresh
Scented flowers.

From last battle to the remains of peril
to the cape of a past to the golden
light of present
Autumn writes on a sky branch of hope…

Monday, October 21, 2013



Lined up sorrows write no farewell
Near the orange green and white flag
From the last quarter of a day
In rapids, like in one stream
Rain drops fill earthen fields
From symbols, a flat sheet of emptiness

In heartbeats, notes of a melody meditate,
In forlorn forgotten forests
Legends speak about incognito
There remains the last alphabet
of a lost memory
In rain drops a season rinses shadows..

Thursday, October 17, 2013


From autumn leaves to the empty baskets
Dreams travel to reach up to the sky roof
There in the evening oil lamps
A season chisels fine words
And heartbeats

From the bell  post of temples
                             There emerges a symphony
                             And in autumn leaves earth writes
                             In orange gold
                                            An epitaph for the buried dreams



A droplet of monsoon,
a dream, freshness of dawn
all shattered in one feral world
of non-conquerable shadows.

In rebirth a teardrop fell to freeze
like the last souvenir of life
Ancient sorrows in legends wrote
a million alphabets and from the fallen
gateway of a season
earth wrote about Isons, Opik Clouds
and Kuiper Circles.

Far ahead of heartbeats
destiny lines encompassed a dream
In earthen sea shells, lost worlds wrote,
a poem for the promontory